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Apartments for sale in a new residential complex in Pattaya - Pristine Park 3 from Dusit Group.
Pristine Park 3 (Dusit Grand Park 3), a new project from Dusit Group, offers a unique lifestyle in Pattaya, just 1700 meters from the beautiful Jomtien Beach.
The complex includes six eight-story buildings surrounded by extensive green spaces, many swimming pools and recreation areas, creating ideal conditions for a comfortable stay.

On the eve of the Songkran holiday, Don Mueang Airport is preparing to receive an increased number of passengers.
About 625 thousand people are expected to pass through the airport between April 11 and 17, which is 10.58% more than last year. More than 4,000 low-cost airline flights will serve passengers these days.

Traveling to Thailand: How to avoid overheating and enjoy the hot climate
These simple steps will help you stay cool and comfortable while traveling through picturesque Thailand, even on the hottest days.

Increased control on Phuket roads during Songkran holiday
On April 11, a week of increased traffic control will begin on the island of Phuket, which is carried out in all provinces of Thailand during the Songkran celebration. The Governor of Phuket, Sophon Souvannarath, conducted a check of forces before the start of this traditional action.

Honoring the Chakri Dynasty: Traditional Holiday in Thailand
In Thailand, on April 6, one of the most important national holidays is celebrated - Chakri Dynasty Day. This event is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of King Rama I and his descendants who continue to rule the country. On this day, Thais express their respect for the monarchy, which has deep roots in the history and culture of the nation.

Chinese and Russian investors are buying real estate in Thailand.
In 2023, there is a significant increase in interest in buying property in Thailand, especially among Chinese and Russian investors. Sales are forecast to increase by 25% over the previous year, driven in part by the introduction of free visa programs. The contribution of foreign investment to the Thai economy is significant, accounting for about 12% of the country's total gross domestic product.
The lifting of visa restrictions and current geopolitical events have contributed to an increase in demand for real estate, exceeding levels seen before the pandemic. According to reports from the Real Estate Information Center, more than 14,000 properties have been sold so far this year, valued at approximately 73 billion baht, a significant increase from last year.

Songkran Festival 2024 will bring more than 50 billion baht to the Thai economy
Songkran 2024 promises to be a historic event for Thailand, bringing an expected 52.5 billion baht into the country's economy. This year is unique in that the festival, recognized as part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, will be celebrated for three weeks - from the first to the twenty-first of April, attracting about 15 million tourists.

Free travel on Thai highways during Songkran
As part of the celebration of Songkran, the Thai New Year, the government has decided to abolish tolls on key highways in the country. From April 11 to April 17, 2024, Highways 7 and 9 will be open to free travel, allowing travelers to move freely between cities this holiday period.

Songkran 2024: Pattaya Comes to Life
In April 2024, Pattaya will once again bloom with festive colors to celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year. The official celebration dates are from April 13 to 15, but in Pattaya festival events can continue until April 19-20. At this time, the city is transformed, filled with joy, traditional rituals and water games.

Prospects for the first casino in Thailand: Pattaya is on its way to becoming a gambling capital
Pattaya, the famous resort city, is on the verge of significant changes as the construction of Thailand's first casino is planned. The venture promises to transform the region into the “Thai Las Vegas”, offering not only gambling but also a wide range of entertainment.

Suvarnabhumi Airport now offers Grab service, offering passengers a convenient way to travel.
Airports of Thailand (AoT) has launched its Grab service at Suvarnabhumi Airport, providing passengers with an additional transportation option to and from their destinations.

The Prime Minister of Thailand supported the idea of legalizing casinos.
Sretta Taweesin on Thursday announced his support for legal casinos as a way to generate revenue from the country's underground economy.
He said the government supports the idea of issuing a new law allowing the creation of so-called entertainment complexes in Thailand, including legal casinos.





Video review of three hot apartment in Pattaya
 Today we went to see a few options of apartments in Pattaya with hot offers, thank Channel Eternal Summer!

Photos from the building site condominium Seven Seas
Construction of condominium Seven Seas Resort Pattaya is well underway and is nearing completion. We present you some photos from the construction site

Taxes on real estate registration in Thailand reduced
Today, the Thai Cabinet has approved economic measures to reduce the tax on real estate registration, in order to revive the market.

Hot offers real estate in Thailand
 Saving funds have become more urgent today for the people of Russia and the CIS. The global crisis and stable political and economic situation is pushing people to keep money abroad, namely in Thailand.

Investment in Thailand in 2015, the global crisis and trends.
Where to invest in 2015? Global trends in times of crisis. Why do investors choose exactly Thailand today's political and economic situation in the world?

How to buy a business in Thailand
Educational program for the merchants of the Customs Union and the EAEC. More and more citizens of the European Economic Union - Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus recognize the individual, family and corporate vacation in Thailand comfortable and safe. Soon ...

Time to invest in real estate assets in Thailand
In June 2015 the Thai government to spread the news about the incredible lobbying for legislative initiative to open a casino in the area of ​​the city-settlements of the tourism industry - Pattaya and Chiang Mai.

Apartments in Phuket in a new condominium Seven Seas Phuket
 Seven Seas Phuket - condo is the perfect combination of modern lifestyle and architectural design. The condominium is located in a picturesque location, the area planted and the project is attractive for recreation. Located very close to transportation hubs, shopping centers, schools and international hospitals. This luxury condominium is located in an ideal place to live.

Jomtien Beach Moutain 7 Condominium - Ready!
The project is a Thai company Jomtien Beach Moutain 7 - is in the final stage. We are carrying out recent work on landscaping and gardening area. In the next couple of months will begin registration documents of ownership. Spacious and bright condominium. The developer has made another big contribution to the reputation and reliability of the company.
The project was put on half a year before the planned date.

Extending the work permit
 The validity of a work permit in Thailand will increase two-fold.

Thailand's GDP growth in the second quarter was 0.4%
В економіці Таїланду продовжує зберігатися слабкість, хоча в кварталі з квітня по червень вона дещо зросла порівняно з аналогічним періодом минулого року.

Thailand: political stability as a basis for investment in the economy.
Head of the National Council for Peace and order (NCPO), General Prayut Chan-Ocha, assured the Russian and international investors in the sustainability policy and economic sector

Bangkok real estate continues to rise
According to the Information Center Thailand Real Estate (REIC), property prices rose in Bangkok for the first half of 2014 even though the political situation in the country. Thus, prices for condominiums ...

Cancel curfew in major tourist cities
Another four tourist destinations are exempt from the curfew in Thailand Military Command lifted the curfew in the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga, Hua Hin and Cha-Am.

Thai New Year - Songkran 2014!
Thai New Year ( Songkran ) for residents of the provinces of Thailand this year is celebrated for three days from 13 to 19 April . In Pattaya, the culmination of the celebrations will fall on April 18-19, 2014.

Normalise situation in Thailand
The opposition leader announced the termination of street protests in the capital. Street protests in Bangkok stop, stabilize road traffic and to residents and visitors back calm.

Happy New Year 2014!
Dear friends, partners and of course our dear customers! The team of  "Land of Smile" real estate agency wishes you Happy New Year 2014!

Loan to purchase real estate in Thailand!
 Now, property buyers in Thailand are able to get credit in Russia. Unique offer from the company - the developer Heights Holdings!

Loi Krathong holiday!
Holiday Loi Krathong in Thailand this year falls on November 17.

Sales of the new condominium in Pattaya
Start selling condominium Trio Gems from the builder known projects Beach Mountain!

How does the remote buying an apartment in Thailand in the primary market?
In this article, we rasckazhem you about how the remote buying property in Thailand, you need to do, what questions to ask the agent before the transfer money. This article will be useful and informative to potential buyers.

With the start of the season in Thailand, cases of fraud!
We want to draw your attention to the frequent cases of cheating and fraud when booking apartments and houses in Thailand. For us, it is imperative that each of you will stay in sunny Thailand was comfortable, safe. Recently, from our friends, visitors, friends and colleagues, we began to hear the opposite. For some, the holiday in Thailand has become a fairy tale, but for someone turned a big disappointment on fraud in the real estate market. What can I say ... the season begins, beware!

A particle of Venice in Pattaya, a new condominium!
The Venetian  is the newest project from Blue Sky Group  on a big plot of land comprising 10.5 Rai. Located in  Na Jomtien area just behind Pu Pen Restaurant with,4 buildings,  8 stories, with a total of 990 units. The Venetian  is born out  of a vision with the living experience and atmosphere of Venice Italy.  It comprises of fully furnished studios, and one or two bedroom apartments. All units are fully  fitted to a high quality standard, giving buyers  increased value for their money.

Photos from the construction site condominium Laguna Bay 2
Photos of the start of construction condominium Laguna Bay 2 on Pratamnak Hill

Songkran in Thailand. Celebrating the New Year in Pattaya
Start the celebration of the New Year (Songkran) in Thailand, the work schedule.

Matrix Developments fun!
Matrix Developments company pleases us and have fun!

The representative office in Phuket
The official opening of the Land of Smiles in Phuket

New condominium in Pattaya. profitable terms
Apartments with installments for 18 months, 45% of the - on receiving the keys!

Property in Pattaya: hot deals
We offer you a special offer from real estate agency "Land of Smiles". Excellent investment projects in condo Pattaya cheaper than developers in 5% - 30%.

Laguna Bay condo construction
Photo report from the construction site of a condominium in Pattaya - Laguna Bay

Dear current and future partners!
 Due to the large number of questions on cooperation, a new section in which we have tried to cover the basics of cooperation in the field of real estate in Thailand.

Happy New Year 2013!
From the staff of "The Land of Smiles Real Estate" wishes you a Happy New Year!

Property in Pattaya: new condo at Pratumnak
  Condo City Garden Pratumnak. Sales started!

Modern condominium in Pattaya
This is the sixth project of developer with a well-deserved reputation and many good reviews from customers.

Condominium Mr.Bond @ the Beach
Condo in Pattaya, the project with the original name, and excellent location.

December 5 - Birthday of His Majesty King Rama IX
December 5th Thailand celebrates the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej - the big national holiday.

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