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  Which real estate in Thailand to choose? A new building with installment payment or a ready-made apartment from hot offers?
The choice of real estate in Thailand depends on your personal preferences, budget and investment goals.
Here are a few aspects that are worth considering when choosing between a new building with installment payment and a ready-made apartment from hot offers

Trust management of real estate in Thailand - what is it and why?
Of course, you could simply hand over the keys to my friend, realtor or someone else in the hope that the apartment is required to surrender and paid something. However, such an approach is completely ineffective. Another thing - the trust estate. Under this concept implies a whole system of relations in which belongs to the owner of the property is transferred to a specialized disposal company. The firm leases property to rent comers, and the income from that received by the owner.

The contract of purchase - sale from the builder when buying a new building. Rights and obligations.
 Let's look at some things that will help you avoid mistakes when buying an apartment in the new development, because only a small portion of buyers pay attention to studying the contract with the builder, getting a grasp of his points. before the conclusion of the transaction, the risk to contract for no pasture conditions for themselves. Consider the basic positions and responsibilities of the parties, fines and penalties, as well as the conditions of termination of the contract, both the developer and on the part of the buyer.

Remote buy an apartment in Thailand
The modern pace of life is such that the free time people have little. Afford to go to another country to buy a property - for many problematic. So now very common remote purchase of real estate. Typically, these customers have been to Thailand, familiar with some real estate, and the decision to purchase an apartment in a warm country came later. In this article, we rasckazhem you about how the remote buying property in Thailand, you need to do, what questions to ask the agent before the transfer money. This article will be useful and informative to potential buyers. 

Buying property in Thailand remotely.
Interview with our client for the famous magazine of foreign property. Why Thailand, Pattaya? What are the purposes of buying an apartment in Pattaya? George our client, and just a good man.

Why the need for a professional real estate agent
Few people today understand the role of the estate agent real estate market. The fact is it possible to do without a professional realtor and how to distinguish a real professional, we told Olga Oglobina, general manager of Land of SMile Real Estate

Axioms of purchasing property in Thailand
 An article for the famous magazine of real estate property from the Land of Smile.

Keep only the reputation Realtor at height
Interview with Olga Ogloblina, general manager of real estate agency "Land of Smile".

What is the order of buying an apartment in a new building?
The process of purchasing property in the new project. Terms of hire purchase, payment, property registration and other common elements.