Real estate in Thailand

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Legal services: Registration of companies in Thailand, accounting, auditing, work permits, contracts and wills.

Land Department

1. Checking Chanot (current owner, encumbrances, compliance foreign quota, the official cost, the amount of taxes and fees for registration of a contract of sale, leasing). In the case of registration of the contract - is included in the registration fee.

2. Drawing up a contract of sale (Russian / English / Thai), two, three languages.

3. Registration of a contract of sale at the Land Office:
4. Other services: recovery of lost Chanot, correcting errors in Chanot, the division of land, obtaining Chanot on the basis of other documents of title to the land.

Company registration, accounting and audit

1. Register Co., Ltd (including the translation of the constituent documents of the Russian language).
2. Increase in share capital.
3. Change of shareholders and / or directors.
4. Updating the founding documents.
5. Annual balance
6. Monthly accounting for VAT payers.

Visas, work permits

1. Annual visa
2. Annual renewal
3. Work permit
4. Annual renewal

Treaty, wills, translations

1. Treaty
2. Wills
3. Power of attorney, certified by a notary
4. Translation: Thai, English, Russian, German
5. Notarization of signatures



Other services

Building permits, getting credit, registering a business in the Committee on Investment (BOI), licensing and insurance.

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