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Недвижимость в Паттайе
The company "Land of Smile" provides a large choice of properties in Pattaya apartments and houses in the primary and secondary market, commercial real estate and business, land and investment projects.
Our employees with a responsible approach to the search and selection of the best options for you.
Property prices in 2018 is very beneficial, especially if you buy a property from the developer or the resale contract from the developer.
Today, many customers are faced with a crisis situation, when the ruble fell dramatically, and you must pay the developer to make the deadline. These apartments are resold very quickly and are popular among foreigners, it allows you to recover the cost of apartments in rubles current owners, and customers - to invest money by buying properties at below market price.


We offer our services:

Sale, lease and management of real estate in Pattaya
Primary and secondary market
Apartments, houses, town houses
Commercial premises, ready-made business
Land and commercial purposes
Cheap and luxury real estate in Pattaya

It so happens that the customer is difficult to criteria of selection are interested in real estate - our experts will gladly help you. Ask your questions, we will tell you where to buy real estate in Pattaya with the maximum benefit for you and guided it to your needs.

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The attractive property in Pattaya in 2024?

Pattaya City in recent years has become a very popular destination for leisure, business, and life for millions of people from around the world. The image of Pattaya is changing significantly, the city authorities are doing everything for tourists and locals alike: colorful festivals, landscaping of streets and the waterfront, the organization of new underground and surface junctions, construction of shopping centers and the city's infrastructure. Pattaya transformed from a fishing village into a real cosmopolitan metropolis where everyone can feel at ease. & Nbsp;
The construction of new condominiums, entertainment venues and infrastructure of the city of Pattaya made attractive not only for tourism but also for life. There are all conditions of comfort for foreigners of any nation, and stunning natural surroundings, the island and the surrounding attractions complement and provide convenience for tourists and local residents. The high level of infrastructure and security - Pattaya made attractive to investors from different countries, the city has everything you might need, but it is not the limit! Active construction of water parks, luxury hotels and resorts and restaurants and open network known brands from around the world. Of course, Pattaya is also a city of contrasts, cheap hotels, cafes and entertainment made the city attractive for tourists and middle-class. Affordable real estate in Pattaya in demand among investors, the price of cheap apartments starts from $ 25,000 and offers all facilities for comfort. Swimming pool, security, fitness center, parking, green garden - became an integral part of the budget even condominiums. & Nbsp;
City blooms and lives his life Pattaya night looks compelling, and people on the streets becomes even more at night. In the near future in Pattaya anticipated development of infrastructure in remote areas, the organization of traffic, updating the city's architecture.
You ask yourself the question - how to buy property in Pattaya? - We are happy to become your guide on the real estate market, please!
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