Real estate in Thailand

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  Filing reports on VAT in Thailand
VAT - a tax on the added amount is required to submit monthly reports on incoming and outgoing bills.

Tax on income from renting an apartment in Thailand
The number of cases of buying an apartment in Thailand foreigners is increasing. The vast majority of these customers with its plans to re-house the following address - to come to the country for a vacation, to rest there, living at home, and not somewhere in the unknown. At other times, they tend to want to take the vacant apartment for rent, possibly the same vacationers, but have no personal square feet in this wonderful country. So uncomplicated way people hope, even a little, but discourage the acquisition cost of real estate. Moreover, if the rent an apartment for a long time, and the object is very tasty morsel for the tenants, that income may grow into quite a good amount.

Licensing company in Thailand in accordance with the law of the foreign business
Everyone has long known that the registration of a legal entity must be 51 percent owned by Thais, and only the remaining 49 percent to foreign shareholders - and still from time to time there are questions - "Is it possible to somehow do differently? '" And in another absolutely nothing? "etc. In order to continue these issues did not arise, turn to the sources.

Documents confirming the ownership of land in Thailand
This article will examine the document, which is the most important among those that prove ownership of land as well as a separate apartment.

Buying an apartment in Thailand in the secondary market
Try to figure out how to legally make a deal to buy an apartment in the condominium. Before you start shopping, you have had time to find vendors offering you the option that you are completely or mostly satisfied, have discussed with him the cost and some other important factors.

Accounting in Thailand
Let's dwell on the formation of accounting, namely, the principles of auditing, accounting and reporting requirements. Any partnership or company established in the preparation of accounting allocates 12 months from the date of registration. In the future, accounting reports must be prepared every ...

Regulations on hiring
Regulations on employment in Thailand. Law "On Protection of Labour" is applied to all types of businesses with at least one employee.

Buying a property at zero cycle construction
Buying a home at an early stage of construction or even at zero cycle is very attractive in terms of price and payment terms. Not able to pay the entire amount at once, and beatestimates by several months or even years, can purchase a house, even if at this timeon his hands there is no required amount.

Property rights for foreign nationals
The most common question arises: Can a foreign person individually own the rights to land in Thailand?