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For owners

 Sell ​​a property in Thailand

If you want to sell your property in Thailand, we are happy to help, you can manually place the property on our website, or to send all the information to us by e-mail:

What information should I provide?

  • Project Title (or settlement if the house)
  • Thai or foreign quota
  • Housing (if several buildings). Floor (if the number of floors private house). The view from the windows (of the city, garden, pool, etc.)
  • Footage (home footage of the land and area of ​​the house)
  • Organization of viewing apartments: contact person's phone number. For efficient operation it is desirable to copy the key to our agentsvo.

For the sale of real estate in the new building:

  • The cost of the contract
  • How much was paid under the contract
  • The remaining payments to the developer (the remaining schedule of payments)
  • Is there a delay in payments under the contract to the developer
  • The price at which you want to sell your property (including paid by the developer and the final payment, including your margin, or vice versa discount if you sell less than the contract price). Brokerage we add yourself to its cost were not considered.
  • The cost of the name change in the contract (see. The contract with the developer)
  • Change the name of the contract (50% to 50%, by the seller or the buyer)

For the sale of secondary real estate (Chanute on hand):

  • Cost of sales
  • Tax land department (50% to 50%, by the seller or the buyer)
  • Are you ready to fly or a representative of a deal as soon as possible.
  • Your contacts (email, phone, Skype, and others.)

Rent your property in Thailand. Trust management of real estate.

To rent your property in Thailand for rent (Property Asset Management)

We offer our clients the service "Confidential management of real estate in Thailand." Your property can bring a stable income, you may be outside of Thailand, all the work take over our managers. We will monitor the cleanliness and safety of property, pay bills, make the necessary repairs or purchases, take your property for rent, provide reports and send money in any convenient way. E-mail address of the rental:

What information is required and how to conclude a contract for property management?

  • Provide information on the project that you want to transfer the management of
  • The cost of rent, depending on the term (1 month, half a year, 1 year) - is discussed with our managers
  • The contact details (e-mail, phone, Skype, etc.).
  • To conclude the contract on the management of your property with our company. This can be done in writing to our office, or remotely via e-mail.
  • Handed over the keys to our employee