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Remote buy an apartment in Thailand

The modern pace of life is such that the free time people have little . Afford to go to another country to buy a property - for many problematic. So now very common remote purchase of real estate. Typically, these customers have been to Thailand, familiar with some real estate, and the decision to purchase an apartment in a warm country came later. In this article, we rasckazhem you about how the remote buying property in Thailand , you need to do , what questions to ask the agent before the transfer money .

This article will be useful and informative to potential buyers.

How does the remote buying an apartment in Thailand in the primary market ?


The first step - and the choice of apartment project.

Our specialist will help choose the right option suitable for you, taking into account :
- Location of the project. Distance from the beach , the preference for choosing the area.
- Square footage and number of bedrooms. How many people will live or come to rest . This may be a studio apartment , apartment with one or more bedrooms .
- Floor - depending on your preferences and features of the project and its location.
- The view from the window - the ability to see the sea and the beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area of Pattaya, or guaranteed view of the internal infrastructure of the complex include a garden, a pool view.
- Location of the project and on the floor. The apartment can be with its own access to the pool, or it could be a corner apartment with a minimum number of neighbors and exterior views to house the garden, but there will be a large number of tourists .
- Cost. Depends primarily on the construction phase of the project, for which the purchase . Buying an apartment at the stage of " presales " - you will not only save , but also profitable to invest unnecessarily increased sales of apartments will increase in value. Price of the apartment is also dependent on the location and type .

The second step - payment in the distance.

The schedule of payments is made individually with each client. As a rule , it is interest-free installment payment for construction. From the start of condominium sales to delivery takes no more than 2.5 years. On average , the construction of high-rise complexes is not about 2 years. If it is a high-rise building , the construction period can be up to 3 years.
Payment for the construction period and the further installments after settling may occur monthly , quarterly or every six months .
1. Reservations. Reservation deposit ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 baht, depending on the project, it is included in price .
For reservations need to send us a scanned copy of the passport . Your home address - the actual residence and phone for quick communication . The developer prepares the reservation form . This is a draft document , which shows your data , the data on payments and data acquired apartment (number, yardage , floor and view). It will be sent to you, as well as all the documents by e -mail.
After receiving your information , we will send you an invoice for payment of the deposit. This bill has been prepared to pay ​​, the price will be specified in bytes , in dollars and euros.
After receiving the money , the developer will send the confirmation from the bank , which will be specified incoming money in Thai Baht . There will also be specified rate at which the conversion took place .
2 . The signing of the contract. After making a deposit , we prepare a sales contract and an invoice for payment. The contract must be signed within 14 days after booking. If you are not in Thailand , the deadline is extended to 30 days. All document occurs and email . After receiving the contract you sign a scanned version and send it back to us. The originals of the contract may be with us before your arrival, if necessary (some developers ) are sent by mail. Contracts are drawn up in English languages. 
3 . The first payment after the deposit of so-called payment for the contract is 20 % - 30 % of the apartments. This payment is considered one of the most important , after the payment, you will become the owner of the contract and have the right to resell the apartment under construction , to give it, and to dispose of their shares, already introduced for your property . The first and subsequent payments are made by bank transfer in accordance with the payment schedule in the contract . Each payment is confirmed by the statement of the Bank. Before each subsequent payment developer vystsavlyaet invoice (the document on subsequent payment ) .
If the first installment is not paid on time, the deposit is not refundable and the right to buy is not restored. The apartment can be offered for sale. If , for some reason there is a delay of any payment , notify your agent or developer . In most cases , the developer is in no hurry to take away the apartment is in the position and allow to make a payment later.
4 . The following fees: typically 30 % - 80 % of the cost ( divided into quarterly or monthly payments. Schedule of payments stipulated to deposit individually and may deviate from the proposed developer of the standard payment schedule .
5 . The last payment is between 10 % and 50 % of the purchase price , the payment to be paid at check -key , key collection .

The third step - the entry into the property.

Delivery of documents to the property takes 3 to 6 months after delivery of the project , depending on the work of the Land Department and the Admissions Committee , which takes an object and measures each apartment . After this document is issued on the property - Chanot .
Upon entry to the property owner's presence is desirable . Since it is better if the document to the apartment will stand live your signature , not a trustee. If for some reason you can not attend the registration , re-registration of a power of attorney to be signed and sent by mail.

Additional expenses .

1. Fee for transfer of funds of sender - to be paid by the buyer.
2 . Sinking fund - from 400 to 600 baht per sq.m. A one-time payment. Payment will depend on the size of the apartment . Payable upon settlement or transfer of property rights, depending on the conditions of the contract.
3 . Community - are sent to the total monthly maintenance of the building , swimming pool, common areas , security , etc. 30 - 50 baht / sq . m per month. Payable annually .
4 . Installation of meters for electricity and water is not more than 7,000 baht.
Translation of title - a tax on the land department is paid by the buyer.
The cost of the tax currently stands at approximately 6.3 % of the appraised value of the apartment . This tax is set by the state and subject to change.
According to Thai law a foreigner can be the full owner of an apartment in the condominium. The property of foreign nationals may be 49% of the total area of the condominium , and the remaining 51% must be owned by either Thai citizens or legal persons registered in Thailand.

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